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Promise That Will Never Be Kept

  • Today my heart is shattered and hurting over the tragedy that descended upon the kindergarten children and their educators in Connecticut. I know we mutually enjoy BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, but I had to post this because it is how I am feeling.

    In the coming hours and days we will learn the names of the victims, but I refuse to read any stories about the coward who carried out this terrible attack. The coward that did this saved the taxpayers thousands of dollars on a trial by killing himself. He robbed the community of so many lights that shined so brightly in the world; child and adult alike. By taking his own life, he also robbed the survivors of the justice that would have brought them some closure...if closure could ever be achieved after such a tragedy.


    These children and educators were full of promise that will never be kept. Today evil shattered a tiny picture-perfect morning in a rural Connecticut town and darkness has forever descended upon the lives of these Americans who once only knew love, joy, and a future of hopeful dreams. They are now dreams that will go unrealized...forever to be missed among the living like the souls taken before their time.


    May God bless the victims, their families, and those who must now help council them on the difficult road of healing. I have cried. I will cry again. I cannot express enough in words to ease the pain this community feels tonight. But, I hope the healing begins today and the outpouring of support for the families of those lost will shine brighter over the darkness that fell upon them this morning.


    My heart foes out to all of these lights that have stopped shining and to the families and friends; the community that is now grieving. I feel their pain. I share it. It consumes me with a terrible hurting that burdens my heart with a weight so heavy it is staggering.


    Hope is on the way and I hope my fellow BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans will join me in saying a prayer for each of the victims and those who remain on this planet to grieve their loss.


    So say we all.