• Michael Wehrhahn Pitches New Battlestar Galactica Series
    Posted by Richard Hatch December 1, 2016

    My good buddy Filmmaker Michael Wehrhahn has come a long way. This last September we met and I seen a pitch to the studios he did of a barrage of materials to film a trilogy of new films coinciding a new tv series. I was really impressed by the storyline and how he developed a link between the entire franchise. Lets hope the studios get it. I personally loved it. We will also be shooting finally our movie Marsland2096 later this year. See more of that at So Say We All!

  • Geekonomicon
    Posted by Dragon Lady September 30, 2014

    JOIN Richard Hatch, Jack Stauffer along with many others, at Geekonomicon in Biloxi, Mississippi this coming December 12-14, 2014.  The Colonial Warriors and Cylons alike are gathering up in support of this con.   Raider One of the Cylon Colonial Alliance, will be there along with sister , Battlestar Galactica Fan Club,  providing Colonials Warriors under their Flagship Chapter Battlestar Raven .



    So spread the word about this Colonials!!!!!!!!!!!!





Fleet News

Holy Frak: Diaspora the Fan Based BSG Game Finally Released

Back when Richard Hatch starred as Apollo in the late 1970’s, video games were in their infancy. No matter how much a diehard Battlestar Galactica fan wanted to recreate the classic dogfights between Colonial Vipers and Cylon ships, the technology wasn’t available. However, when Battlestar Galactica rebooted in 2003, video game technology had moved on exponentially, so fans of the new series expected it wouldn’t be long until some software manufacture came up with a tie-in game. Sadly, they were mistaken, and no software manufacturer even mooted the idea, so it was left to the fans to develop their own.


Freespace SCP

Fortunately, a space faring dog-fighting game already existed in which to base a Battlestar Galactica game. Freespace 2 was released on PCs in 1999 to much critical acclaim, and the game had built up a group of diehard fans who continually modified and improved it as PC technology developed, in a project known as Freespace Open SCP (source code project). Over the years, various different mods and stand-alone games were released for Freespace SCP, but it wasn’t until March 2007 when Battlestar Galactica fans finally got their hands on what (some of us) had waited nearly thirty years for, a Battlestar Galactica 3D shoot-em-up.


Beyond the Red Line

Based on the 2003 TV series, Beyond the Red Line was released as a demo in March 2007 and was greeted by huge critical acclaim. It won Mod DB’s game of the year, and was universally praised for its slick gameplay, handsome graphics and realistic action that made players feel they were at the controls of their very own Viper. Sadly, the excitement wasn’t to last. Before completing a finished game, the developers of Beyond the Red Line split over creative differences. Some promised to continue with the project, a promise that seems to have slowly evaporated, while the others went off to start their own Battlestar Galactica game: Diaspora.



Fast forward five years and a complete, fully playable version of Diaspora has finally been released, and Battlestar Galactica fans are in for a treat. Still using the Freespace SCP engine, Diaspora: Shattered Armistice is a frantic, frenetic and beautifully looking space-faring shoot-em-up that, while made by fans, is every bit as stylized as a professionally made game. Diaspora allows players to not only to get behind the controls of a MK VII Viper, the Raptor or the new MK VIIe strike variant, but also lets players land on the Galactica after combat, launch through its tubes straight into action, take on a Cylon Basestar, or even play as one of the Cylons. Diaspora: Shattered Armistice also has a fully playable multiplayer mode, allowing players to dogfight it out over the internet. It even contains some pretty professional sounding voice acting. Furthermore, it is completely free to download.



For anybody into space shoot-em-ups, or is a hardened Battlestar Galactica fan, Diaspora is a must. Furthermore, unlike most Battlestar Galactica products such as blue rays, t-shirts and other memorabilia that you can order over the internet, you don’t have to wait for a courier to deliver your copy of Diaspora or worry about having to protect your shipment in case it gets damaged or lost in transit. The game is available to download by anyone from the Diaspora website, and best of all, it won’t cost you a dime. You don’t even need a copy of Freespace SCP to play, as the game contains all the necessary files to begin playing straightaway. Their website also contains some pretty awesome videos, artwork, and a fascinating blog outlining the history of the project, which seems to have been a work of passion by diehard Battlestar Galactica fans who must have spent thousands of hours creating the game.


Battlestar Galactica Online

Of course, Diaspora: Shattered Armistice isn’t the only Battlestar Galactica game available. Bigpoint's online Battlestar Galactica game has also been released recently, and it too is free to play, but the Diaspora team are fairly confident their game differs enough in style and gameplay that they don’t regard it as a rival. They even boast that Bigpoint tried to poach a few of their 3D artists in the development of their online game. However, most fans would agree, there is certainly enough room for both Battlestar Galactica games. As the old saying goes, you wait thirty years for one Battlestar Galactica game, and two come along at once!