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cheap lingerie plus size

  • Huang used to model herself, in addition to running her cheap lingerie plus size own clothing shops and restaurants. She got her start in 2010 when a friend asked her to pose for his plus-size online boutique. Back then, she says, the nascent industry was so desperate that she was chosen despite her height. She quickly saw an opportunity to build a business by recruiting girls who were taller, prettier, and younger than herself.

    I have this sense of crisis; I feel like I need to constantly improvot eliminated by this industry.

    cheap lingerie sites Wang Lanxi, plus-size model


    Her business partner in the neighboring lingerie online shopping city of Dongguan, 32-year-old Cai Wenwen, had a similar experience. Cai began modeling part time in 2011, thrilled that she could make 300 yuan a day when her salary as a secretary was only 2,000 yuan a month. he decided to step aside and become an agent. Shelso in charge of a live-streaming channel for a plus-size Taobao shop.  trust us if they see girls their size trying on the clothes in front of the camera and answering all kinds of questions live,ai says. One store for which she used to model herself boosted its sales from a few pieces a month to several hundred a day after Cai replaced a slimmer model.

    Wang says that as brick-and-mortar shops do


    carry her size, she relies on Taobao, which boasts hundreds of retailers that sell plus-size clothes. But she only buys from those that use plus-size models, which she says make up a small minority.

    Another model, 22-year-old Wang Lan