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INFORMATION from Fleet Commander, BFC ADM Rivera

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    April 7, 2013 3:04 PM EDT

    Attention Colonials,


                  The next few days i recommend you all read the BFC Forum sections for pertinent information as well as new Standard Operating Procedures/Guidance (SOPs) which i will be releasing.  In the event if you are new and not aware of said topics they will be listed on this message below.  As the new SOPs are released they will be posted in their own individual sections.  I will also provide a table of contents l in order to make it easier to find subjects.  I want everyone to read them especially those serving on Battlestar Chapters.  I expect everyone to be well informed instead of waiting on your Chain of Command to inform you.  Other areas i will discuss and are not limited to the following listed here for a quick glance.

    - Viper and Raptor Tail Numbers Issuing.

    - Operations Test / Certification.

    - TOP GUN Status / Award.

    - Campaign Cluster Award for RPG Etc.

    - Viper and Raptor Squadron Military Assets, Assignment and Commissioning.


              The above is just a few items as i said at a glance that i will be talking about and providing SOPs in order to make us run more efficiently. I will also be releasing more news during the week as not to drown everyone in new information as it is released.  Remember to pass on the information to fellow crew members not everyone reads the forums.  Please keep track of this as i will update which topics have been completed identifying they have also been posted. More topics to come as i deal with up coming items in the future.

    ** T O P I C S **

    -Members pertaining to shipboard assignment and migrations.  (Completed)

    -Shipboard reporting periods.  (Completed)

    -Physical composition of the Battlestar Fan Club Fleet and other ships.

    -Ship Manning Level for disposition and Dry Dock Procedures.  (Completed)

    -Commissioning / Decommissioning of Shipboard Squadrons.

    -Formation of Colonial Civilian Ships.

    -Building and establishment of Shipboard Squadrons.

    -Colonial Marine assignment and Shipboard responsibilities.

    -Shipboard Senior Staff Officers mission and responsibilities.

    -Examinations, Grading and Certification.

    -Implementation of Shipboard Service Record to encompass Military Fleet.

    -Guidance on Logos, (Squadrons, Marines and Civilian).

    -Suggestion or Complaints Procedures.

    -Base Line on Rank and Promotion criteria’s.

    -Pilots, Call Sign, Tail Numbers and Small ship Assignment.

    -Military Commander, Air Group briefing and responsibilities.

    -Viper and Raptor Etc Qualification and Testing.  (Completed)

                     There maybe pauses here and there do to me standing a duty day.  This is beyond my control as many of you know my real life status, so you know the job can cause delays.  However i will make every effort to post the information and make myself available here and via email.  For anyone who has already taken their Viper or Raptor examinations i do have your tail numbers for you.  I will also be posting new threads on key items for easy tracking to be utilized by all BFC Fleet members.  Be safe and i thank you for all your attention and cooperation ~Salutes~.